Dutch Test Glow-In-The-Dark Road Of The Future


"There’s a half-kilometer stretch of road in the Netherlands that looks a bit like something out of the movie Tron, thanks to new luminescent markings that glow green in the dark."

(That’s a heck of a lot more than we had to work with on the set! ;) 

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​Someone Made A Virtual Reality Tron Light Cycle Game

Holy JETWALLS!Could this be a new addition to Flynn’s Arcade?

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The Game Has Changed! New EightyTwo Arcade Bar Opens in Downtown Los Angeles


“Don’t put any change in the meter — we’re going to need it for the games.”Cindy Morgan as Lora Baines in 1982′s TRON film.

Thank you, Jay West


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Glendale prepares to sell vintage arcade machines

Remind you of any place?

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I said I wasn’t gonna draw romantic stuff, so my brain went HA HA HA.

the worst thing is that he’s supposed to have a Legacy suit on and Yori and his original lights are a memory

Happy Valentine’s Day, programs!

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I’ve seen what users can do. You don’t belong with them

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[UPDATED] TRON Gives Illumination To The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

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I just loved Anon’s body language; he was remarkably expressive without a face or a voice.

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